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Sales Letter Template | A nifty template for your sales letters|

Sales letter template? Looking for a good one?

Seems that everyone is. So in this article, I’m going to give you a simple yet powerful template you can plug into sales letters, marketing letters, online ads and many other things.

This template is built on 3 key steps:

1. Your sales letters or marketing letter MUST have a big, juicy benefit for the reader.

It’s not enough to have plain old boring benefits that everyone else has. You need that one, big dominant benefit that causes the mouth of your potential buyer or responder to water.

That benefit could be promising a solution to an annoying or painful problem they have.

It could be promising an end result they desperately seek.

But you MUST have a dominant benefit.

Template formula: Put the one big, dominant, giant, juicy benefit in the headline of your ad, sales letter or marketing piece. Focus on ONE benefit that really stands out. The one thing you can really hang your hat on.

If you only had 10 seconds to get someone to buy from you, what’s the ONE REASON you’d give them? Put THAT in your headline.

2. Your sales letters or marketing letters MUST have dramatic proof of performance.

In this highly skeptical Internet age, it’s vital to include PROOF of performance early on. And proof that is different or more powerful than what the potential buyer or responder is routinely used to seeing.

You’ve gotta stand out.

Your template now looks like this:

Headline: Big, juicy, dramatic benefit.

Opening: Restate or elaborate on the juicy benefit.

Proof: After the opening, launch into the single biggest and most dramatic piece of proof you have.

Differentiation: This is the NEXT element of your sale letter template.

What makes your solution DIFFERENT from everything and everyone else? Is it faster, cheaper, easier, safer or differentiated on some other attribute?

This is where you talk about THAT, giving examples, illustrations, bullet points, videos, before-and-after pictures or whatever you have.

Finally, there is the call to action. You gotta give people a reason to respond today. This typically means the use of deadlines and scarcity or a limited supply or availability of some sort.

The Ultimate Sales Letter Template

1. Headline — Big, juicy benefit

2. Opening — Elaborate on the big benefit

3. Proof — Go with your biggest proof element

4. Differentiation — How is your solution different?

5. Credibility (optional) — What is the background of your company or the person providing the solution? What are their credentials?

6. More proof — If you have more proof, present it here.

7. Bullet points (optional) — If you want to provide bullet points concerning your solution as a summary, put them here.

8. Call to action

Give ’em a super powerful reason to respond to. Often, this involves extra bonuses or a price discount for a n immediate response.

There you have it. This is an incredibly powerful sales letter template or persuasive template to get people to RESPOND to whatever your offer or cause is.

No longer will you wonder what you should put in your marketing letters or communications. instead, you’ll know to zero in immediately on your dramatic benefit, your super powerful proof of performance and credibility and what makes your solution different.

Do these things and you’ll find out why I call this the ultimate sales letter template.

For more help with your sale letters and persuasive communications, go to: sales letter software

Sales Letter Software

I created a category or genre of software called Sales Letter Software.  It’s what some people use as training wheels to write sales letters with.  A pro doesn’t need it. But a newer person sure does.

Here’s WHY I created this software:

1.  I created a 12-step formula for writing copy.

What I found is that MOST people didn’t follow the formula, no matter how much I encouraged them too. That’s when I got the idea to practically force feed people the formula.

Push Button Letters was born.

2.  It uses a proven formula

There are many formulas for writing sales letters. The oldest one I know and, in my estimation the least useful, is AIDA. Attention-Interest-Desire-Action. That’s a dumb formula because it doesn’t explain HOW to do those things.

My 12-step formula lays it all out.

3.  You need to start with structure

A little structure to start with is good. Before you learn to break the rules, learn to follow them.

How to Differentiate Your Product or Service Using Sales Copy

The text below is supplemental to the video, so watch it first. Then read what follows.

As you know, there are 3 basic steps in my marketing method (5 if you want to use the full Amazing Formula). But the 3 basic ones are:

1. Target buyers

2. Get them on a list

3. Make sales

To make the most money from sales, you want to get a premium price. The way you do that is by differentiating. Let me explain.

The way you win in product marketing is by getting a premium price for your product or service.  But how do you do that?  Today’s Marlon’s Marketing Method video covers that topic.
Watch the video then read the below:

There are many methods to DIFFERENTIATE your product or service. Some people call this “positioning a product.” The method I want to talk briefly about and have you think about is called “differentiation by product attribute.”

What that means is you differentiate your product from others by a single ATTRIBUTE. What’s an attribute?

Think of it this way. Many years ago Stephen Pierce came out with a product called THE WHOLE TRUTH. That was a product attribute. If you wanted to know the Whole Truth, then that was the product to get.

I later created a positioning for an amazing product by Tinu called the Evergreen Traffic System. Evergreen = product attribute. Since then, other marketers have grabbed the evergreen attribute and ran with it.

Your product or the product you promote as an AFFILIATE may be the most complete or the fastest method. Or one of a million other product attributes. The thing is, there are thousands of attributes available. Almost an infinite number.

Go to your grocery store or drugstore and look at the hair color products. Look at Shampoos. Look at deodorants. Many of these differentiate on an attribute like “shine” or “color” or “longest lasting.”

This is important even if you promote as an AFFILIATE because you STILL need to KNOW the attribute and differentiate based upon it.

If you do NOT differentiate what you sell, whether your own product or on a pre-sell page as an affiliate, then you’re just competing on the basis of a commodity where every product is just as good as another.

There’s no price premium in that Game. And no marketing advantage.

The way you gain an advantage is by differentiating and getting a price premium.

There are many ways to differentiate but one of the easiest to use and apply is differentiation by product attribute.

Is there some attribute YOU could differentiate by? For example, early on the differentiation on Amazing Formula was that it was a FORMULA. That was more or less the attribute. Now, you may feel you don’t know of any ideas. But just think of products you yourself have bought. Why did you buy them? What made them unique, different and valuable to you?

Now, how could you make whatever you sell or promote — a product, service, business, group, idea or organization UNIQUELY VALUABLE? Is there an attribute people highly value that you can emphasize in your marketing and promotion? If you’ve listened to or read old Jay Abraham stuff, you know he always gives the Schlitz USP example. That example was really about PURITY. That was the trait they differentiated on by explaining the elaborate process they used to brew their beer. It was all about differentiating on the attribute of purity.

My corporate name is Higher Response Marketing. Originally, my idea was to differentiate on the basis of response. Of course, that was a long time ago when I still wrote copy fully or partially for a living. So response was a valuable attribute to clients. I still think it’s one I might dust off and use again.

That’s your product marketing lesson for the day. Your comments are welcome.

Sales Marketing Letter | How to Use A Sales Letter to Boost Revenues

If you believe what you hear in the news, many countries of the world have gone through a bit of a recession.

Let’s say that you want to boost sales without spending a lot of money.  How can you do it?  You already know the answer.  Marketing.  More marketing.

Here are the steps:

1.  Ask yourself, “What do my customers really want?”

Even if it’s something not directly related to your product or service, perhaps you can find a way to tie it in.  I remember reading a great story about how one marketer for a minor league baseball team in Hawaii needed to drum up attendance.  It seemed that everyone loved attending picnics.

So this enterprising marketer created a picnic night at the ballpark. People ate it up.

2.  Target a specific segment or group of your customers

You can’t develop a great offer for a nebulous blog of people.  Instead, select a sub-group of your customers, so you can create a great offer for them.

For example, in my business I have a segment of customers who are under age 30, have graduated from college but are disillusioned with the corporate world.  For these people, I could put together a special package called the “Up-And-Comer’s Kit For Escaping The Corporate World and Finding Fulfillment.”

What OFFER could you put together for a specific group of people that would uniquely meet their needs?  Maybe you get a few other businesses to throw in a few things to make your package more attractive.  And in return, you give those businesses something of yours they can package in.

For a specific group or segment of customers, you’re creating the ideal offer.

3.  Create a sales letter, teleseminar, webinar or web page that systematically gives the benefits of taking advantage of the offer today.

I’ve always felt that good sales letters are me-to-you communications.  In other words, a good sales letter sounds just as though we were sitting down over coffee and I was explaining the offer to you, casually and without sales pressure or hype.

That’s what a great sales letter does. It’s a conversation.  Now, that sales message can be printed on paper, put on a web page, sent in an email or delivered via fax.  The VEHICLE that sends the sales message is far less important than the message itself.


Sales Letter Samples | How to Grab Reader’s Attention

The way you grab a reader’s attention right away is by giving a UNIQUE benefit, often with URGENCY or time limit.

Why urgency?

Because people are so busy, they may pass on reading what you have to say. But by installing a little urgency in the headline, you get them to take a minute to read the first few paragraphs, which IS the goal of the headline anyway.

Now, the only reason anyone does anything is to gain a benefit of some sort.

However, it’s far more compelling if you offer a unique benefit. Michael Porter calls that differentiation.

In the old days, Eugene Schwartz called it having a “mechanism.”

You have ONE PAGE or above the fold on a computer screen to convince people to READ MORE. That’s all you have. Most people think the headline is the most important part of the letter. And it is … BUT the lead consists of the headline and then the first 3-5 paragraphs. You MUST GRAB attention in the lead…NOT just the headline.

You do this by emphasizing unique benefits. And sometimes you throw in proof or credibility…just enough to convince people to read on. You might, for example, use a few testimonials or quote a few magazines or experts.

Your product is as good as the sales you make. Unless you make sales you don’t have a business, no matter how good your product is. Good sales people are sought after and companies are willing to spend millions on hiring and training excellent sales people simply because they have a direct impact on the company’s profitability. A good sales person is therefore unafraid of recession or the fear of being laid off.

In online marketing a sales letter is the counterpart of a direct sales person. Just as a sales person with poor selling skills will not be able to make a successful sale of the best products in great demand  at the most competitive prices, in the same way a poorly composed sales letter will not be able to convert readers into prospective customers.

It is thus imperative that you have an excellently crafted and composed sales letter for achieving your goals. Your sales letter must be absolutely convincing so that your readers are compelled to take necessary action and become potential customers and not remain mere readers.

The caption used must be attractive and compelling. You can grab your reader’s attention by appealing to their emotions, wants and desires. To do this you must understand your target audience and what their expectations are.

For instance, if you are catering to a business network they may want to know more about driving high quality, targeted traffic to their business sites. They will then plug up the traffic into a turn-key system which will do all the conversion and selling for them. In short, they are interested in knowing how to set up a business that will be profitable for them.

An example sales letter will read as follows: “REVEALED: How I Built a Million Pound Business from Home on a Budget. Step-by-Step Instructions” This contains exactly what a prospective business person will be looking for. Once you’ve got the attention you wanted devote the next few paragraphs in telling your own story. This can be easily achieved by following this procedure:

  • Take a personal approach and introduce yourself. Allow your reader to relate to you.
  • Talk about where you started and your incredible journey to reach where you are now.
  • Give all credit to your product or business opportunity for your success.

This way the reader will be able to trust you and will be ready to buy you before looking at your product. Build on the rapport you have established with the reader and highlight the benefits they will get if they bought products directly from you.

The concluding piece to the sales letter is to convince the reader to act immediately. The ultimate goal of your sales letter is to make sales so remember to tell your customer what to do after reading the advertisement. For e.g. you may include a line which says “Click to buy NOW!” or “Purchase NOW by clicking here.”

Get to know Push Button Letters Software. What is this? Just fill in the blanks, click a button and out pops a potent, targeted sales letter ready to sell your products or services!

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Business Sales Letter Sample : Winning the Hearts of Customers

One of the best methods of winning the hearts of potential customers is though a business sales letter. You may use this medium to advertise products and services to potential clients and use either a formal or friendly way of writing to them.

You may vary the style of presentation in your business sales letter depending on your product, your target audience and your kind of business promotion. It may include various promotional offers and new line of products, services or businesses.
While writing out a sample business sales letter at first make a rough draft of your message and preferably use the business letter format. Using a proper letterhead will enhance the image of your company and in case you don’t have one put in all the relevant contact information in your letter. Try and keep your draft concise and to-the-point at the same time include all important information about the product or service.

Try and follow the standard paragraph writing conventions. The subject matter and flow of the content should be logical. The first paragraph must introduce the product and the services provided in exciting terms. The second paragraph will be more explicit and talk in detail about the special offers etc of the company.

The concluding paragraph must include an action item or a suggested plan of action. You could use statements like “Bring this coupon to receive the free television” as guidelines for your clients. For your business sales letter to be really effective you must include next steps or instructions on how the client needs to proceed from there.
The business sales letter must be written carefully and appropriately using the business letter format. Your tone and style of writing could be your own and can vary from being formal to friendly and exciting. If you choose to write informally, remember to include all promotional messages like brochures, flyers and invitations with your letter.

If you choose to employ a more formal style remember to use your company’s letter-head. You can, therefore, use the appropriate stationary depending on the format you choose to adopt.

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Sales Promotion Letter | How to Promote Your Product

You have something you want to promote, right?

It’s probably a product, but it could be a service, group, idea or organization.

You want to know what the big secret of sales promotion letters that get results is?


Absolutely, the secret is explaining the benefits to the reader of them taking the action you want.

So let’s say you’re holding a sales promotion. And you want to write a bang up letter for it. How do you do it? Try this:

1. Get yourself a pad of paper or open up a text document.

2. Pretend you’re the person you want to take the desired action.

3. Think about it through their eyes, their feelings, their skin.

How does it feel? What do things LOOK like from their point of view?

4. Now from THEIR point of view or perspective, make a list of all the BENEFITS of them taking action on your sales promotion.

5. Write those benefits up clearly into a letter.

Now you yourself a dandy little sales promotion letter that’ll get you results.

Why? Because there’s only one reason in the world anyone does anything. To get results. We can get all airy fairy metaphysical on this. Or we can debate it. But any way you slice it, at the end of the day, the person ACTS because they see a benefit in it, however distorted or twisted that may seem to us.

Sales Promotion Letter Basics

What is a sales promotion letter you ask? It is one of the most important tools of making your public aware of your product. These letters are used to tell prospective as well as already existing clients about new services or products that your business wants to introduce.

Sales letters can be sent through either electronic or the old-fashioned snail mail. E-mails are generally preferred now that almost everyone is Internet savvy.

But even if it is an e-mail sales promotion letter, make sure that your letter gives all the information required and is in an understandable, user-friendly format.
You can choose either a formal or an informal approach to writing your sales promotion letter. You can choose based on your target audience, your market and the type of promotion you are looking for. There is no one standard format for these letters, in fact just about any sort of promotional correspondence can pass off for a sales letter.
However, don’t underestimate the importance of these letters. They are very significant in creating more awareness about your company and all the promo offers you are willing to make.

These letters are sent to a particular market type for your company or an audience to make them aware of your new offers. Letters are personal and direct and therefore more effective than blog-posts or ads in the newspapers or magazines. Because of this significant effect, you must make sure your promotion letters are well-designed and accurate.
What goes into a good sales promotion letter? First, make sure it’s captivating. Don’t write predictable, forgettable clichés that your customer will yawn at. Make sure you have eye-catching headlines, intelligent description of your product and a good understanding of your target audience.
As mentioned, the headings are often the clinchers in this case. Since the first impressions are almost always the last, it is important that you make a good one with an interesting heading. It has to make your reader want to continue with the letter. Give tiny clues but not the entire summary of your promo, otherwise reading the rest of the letter will be pointless.

It should be short, precise and hard-hitting. Make sure the rest of your letter is also compact and interesting and you needn’t worry about getting a sales boost soon!

Rule #1:  You MUST have an OFFER

What is it you people get in exchange for doing what you ask?  It’s the proposition.

Rule #2:  There MUST be a WIFM or what’s in it for me

No one does anything without WIFM in it.

Rule #3:  There MUST be URGENCY

You need a DEADLINE to create urgency

Rule #4:  If possible, you need SCARCITY

We are powerfully motivated by scarcity, for better or worse.

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Sales Letter of Recommendation | How to Effectivly Sell Your Products

Are you an entrepreneur who intend on selling your product and service via the internet? Are you unsure of how to write an effective sales letter of recommendation to grab the attention and interest of prospective customers? This article will provide effective tips that you can use when writing a sales letter of recommendation.

A killer sales letter of recommendation must consist of eight (8) components. And it is critical that you use all these items when writing your sales latter because this will ensure that it has a maximum input. Following is the list of eight essential components that are required in your sales letter of recommendation.

  • Develop a headline: the aim of a headline is to grab the customer’s attention. Your headline must be powerful and can be a few sentences. Your product or services offered should be stressed within this headline. And it is recommended to test your headline first to see its return rates. You must also quote and capitalize your headline and use a red font colour when formatting it. Such formatting steps have been proven to increase sales level for online business owners.
  • Subheading: is a smaller headline usually known as a second best headline in your sales letter of recommendation.
  • Salutation: a salutation is used to initiate a welcoming and positive relationship with the reader. It is wise that you use a “Dear friend” salutation when addressing the customer.
  • Opening paragraph: the opening paragraph must be straight forward and precise. Additionally, it should tell the reader exactly how they can benefit by purchasing your services or products. It is recommended that you start your opening paragraph with short powerful questions to entice the reader to keep on reading the letter.
  • Ensure credibility: if you have made millions from your product/s, you should state this evident claim via your letter. Remember a customer prefers to see tangible evidence (payment total, or actual check) before actually purchasing a product or service.
  • Testimonials: the aim of your testimonial should be to support your credibility. Testimonials can be achieved by surveying other past customers. You can also write effective case studies relevant to your product and service. Via these case studies you must write how your product has been helpful to previous customers. If your product is new, then you can give your product away in exchange for testimonials. Avoid making up testimonials as this is poor and unethical business practice.
  • Mini-headlines: must be written below your testimonials and should be concise, simple, and benefit-driven.
  • More testimonials: can make your sales letter of recommendation more solid and the reader would be more enticed to purchase your product.

If you consider these eight pointers when writing your sales letter of recommendation then you are on the path to writing an effective and successful sales letter that can guarantee you customer’s interests to your products and services. You must also ensure that you take the time to brainstorm effective headlines that are necessary for successful sales letter of recommendation.

Need more help in writing your sales letters?

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Professional Sales Letter | Create Powerful Sales Letters

A professional sales letter is more inclined to attract prospective customers for your online business. But many online business owners are inexperienced in writing professional sales letters from scratch. And one cannot simply write a sales copy just by saying some basic details about the company. No! For business owners to be able to write professional sales letters, he or she must consider the following pointers.

People may often wonder what big deal about sales letters is. Well sales letters are the first thing readers will consider before they actually purchase your company’s product or service. By all means, it is the first impression they have on your product and business. And if you have created a clear and powerful sales letter, then you are guaranteed to have an increase in prospective customers who are interested in your business and what it has to offer.

Your professional sales letter must not include spelling and grammatical letters as this can lose customer’s interest to your products and services. Thus you must ensure that your sales letter is professional enough so that your business would remain highly competitive within the market. A well written sales letter must also display your professionalism and must be well stated and formatted.

Additionally, your sales letter should be free from all errors and must flow naturally. Remember, you do not wish to advertise your business death, so your letter should not only aim at receiving a sale from your customer’s money. That is, you should display a friendly relationship with the reader as this is the key to making increased sales for your online business.

Aside from ensuring that your sales letter is readable, professionally done letters should always be appealing. Broadly speaking, you must ensure that your sales letter look good with appropriate colour, style, size and font formatting, for this can higher the chances of customers reading your sales letter and actually purchasing your product. The type of style you use within your sales letter must be relative to the type of business or industry you are allocated within. For instance, if you are a toy making business, you should use primary, bright colours with crayon-like fonts to create your sales letter.

Now if you acquire assistance in writing your sales letter, you can use specialist software to help you create your professional sales letter. This in turn can be very cost effective and time saving on your behalf.

In retrospect, the first impression is vital for your business success. And this can be gained from a well written professional sales letter. Thus as a business owner, you must ensure that you take sufficient time in writing and creating the best professionally done sales letter to increase the progress of their business. Putting forward adequate effort and time into creating professional sales letters for your company would lead to successful results on behalf of your online business. Yes, it might take some time especially if you are new to the field of sales letter writing, but you wouldn’t be disappointed with the final results.

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