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In sales letters, what normally compels a reader to continue reading further is the sales letter introduction. An introduction should be carefully thought of before it is written because it should have a positive impact on readers. The first few lines of your letter are what potential customers will initially see when they read the sales letter. Careful consideration should be made when writing the first part of your letter as this is critical in making a good impression to your readers. Here a few tips which may be helpful in making an effective sales letter.

Things To Avoid

Boring Headline

Remember that people who browse over the Internet mostly have limited time to spare and have short attention span. The first sentence in you letter already creates an impact. Do not put a boring statement or an over used line. Once you fail to catch their attention, they can easily erase your letter and you instantly lose a potential customer. Write creative headlines

Assertive Statement

Do not sound too pushy. Lines such as “Buy Now!” or “This Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity” will give an impression to the readers that you are merely selling another low-quality product or that your letter is a spam. Being pushy implies a negative statement. Your readers will think that your product is not good enough that’s why you are being pushy just to make a sale. True. If you have a great product, you don’t need to put so much effort to convince potential customers as the product itself is good enough.

Ignoring Your Reader’s Needs

It is a big no-no to forget about your reader’s needs, rather talk the whole time about yourself and your product. Your readers would like it better if the letter is in their favor. Discussing further about what your readers need will definitely catch their attention and lead them into curiosity, thus getting them to read further. Create the need then fill it in. This is one effective strategy to not sound like you’re trying too hard to sell.

Marlon Sanders

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