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Sales Cover Letter Mistakes that You Should Avoid

A sales cover letter is important because it gives a lasting impression to your employers or clients. It shows whether or not your product or service is good enough to be considered. The way you market and sell a product should show the quality and your confidence in it. With today’s competition, you have to have a cover letter that can make any client or importer check out your web site. A bad cover letter will definitely ruin your chances of landing a deal. Here are some mistakes that most entrepreneurs commit in writing a cover letter.

  • A cover letter without the company’s website. It is true that not all importers or clients read the cover letter. But there are those who read it as well. Since you do not know whether or not it is needed, you might as well include it.
  • Addressing the letter to “to whom it may concern”. Not putting a specific name on the address gives the impression that you are being lazy. This shows the client that you did not even have the initiative to name the person or the company you will have business with. It is important that you call or research about the company ahead and ask for the name of the manager or whoever is in charge. There are instances, however, when you cannot gather this information. For these cases, you can use the name of the company instead. This does not live up to using the name of the person you will have direct contact with but at least it is specific. And a well written sales cover letter should be specific.
  • Try to focus on what your product can do for the company. Most inexperienced cover letter writers tend to commit the mistake of writing long paragraphs about the service or the product. Remember that your clients are in a business. They are after profit. You should show them that your product or service can contribute to the company’s success. It should not be an essay or a novel about the product’s history.
  • Being vague on your wish for a meeting. Most cover letters end up with “I would be glad to hear from you”. A cover letter must be proactive. You should ask for a meeting. In fact you can even give a specific time frame telling your prospective client that you will contact them to arrange for a business meeting. With this closing in your sales cover letter, you are giving the impression that you are very willing to have business with the company.

Sales Business Letter | Tips in Writing an Effective Letter for your Business

Writing a business sales letter seems a daunting task because it entails persuading prospect customers to buy your product. Because of this, a lot of business owners resort to hiring freelance writers to write sales letter for them. While this can be of help, this is not really beneficial to the business since this comes with additional expenses.

The truth is, sales letter writing is really not as hard as you think it is. Even if you are a business owner who does not have any copywriting background, you can for sure create a business sales letter that will help you turn your prospect customers into loyal customers. In order to write an effective sales letter, consider these simple yet helpful tips below.

When writing a sales promotion letter, most business owners think too much of how their sales letter can be converted into a bucket of money. While this is the primary goal of writing one, focusing on this bottom line will not help you in coming up with a powerful business letter that will convince customers to patronize your product. This will only lead your prospect customers to think that you are just trying to drain them of their hard earned money.

An effective sales letter aims at letting the customers know of the benefits that they can get from buying the product. This can be done by highlighting the strong points of the products that set the product apart from the competitor’s product in the market. This task entails a basic knowledge of your prospect customers.

In order for you to pinpoint exactly the strong points of your product and relate them to the needs of your customers, you have to consider the demographics of your target market. Knowing your prospect customers will not only be helpful in achieving such goal, it will also allow you to perfectly attune your business sales letter in accordance to your customer’s needs. Knowing about your customers is the very key to developing an effective selling approach.

However, if your products have product-after-sale-support, make sure to emphasize them in your letter so as to convey a message that you are still there even after the sale of the product. Being able to successfully convey such message would for sure increase the number of your customers. Happy and satisfied customers will further do the marketing for you by spreading the word.

To be able to incite action, it will be helpful also to mention the advantages of making an immediate purchase of the product. Most customers, even if they have the intention to make a purchase, tend to procrastinate. Including a timed response incentive in your letter will make them act as soon as possible. This can be done by providing discounts for those who make a purchase within a certain amount of time.

Writing a business sales letter with these tips in mind will for sure allow you to create a powerful and effective sales letter aimed at increasing the number of your customers.

Marketing Sales Letter For Better Online Sales

Online business entrepreneurs are always searching for ways to improve their marketing strategy. More often than not, online entrepreneurs tend to look at online marketing as a way to simply communicate with prospective consumers. However, they fail to get the idea that having a good sales marketing letter could be the key to success in marketing a product online.

The Limitations Of Online Marketing

The biggest disadvantage of having to market your product online is that customers would be reluctant to purchase your product because they could not actually see or even touch the product. They do not have the opportunity to personally inspect it. In addition to that, there is a lack of human interaction. It takes away your ability to convince customers and to address their actual concerns.

How Marketing Letters Help Online Selling

It is a fact that putting up an online business is a very lucrative business venture. But what most people do not know is that there are a lot of things to consider before you can build an online business. Your toughest challenge as an online entrepreneur is to market your online products.

In online selling, words are very essential. You must be able to translate emotions into words to compel people to respond. You must be able to direct prospective buyers to take action. You need to convey your product to the consumers. This is where marketing letters come very helpful.

A marketing letter is basically used for online marketing as a sales tool. It is a way to contact prospective buyers and persuade them to take a look at the products or services you are offering. It is more focused on being textual rather than visual.

If you have a very good marketing letter, there is a great probability that the prospective buyers will purchase your product.

The Importance Of Having A Good Marketing Letter

If you are an online entrepreneur, the Internet will serve as your avenue to reach out to prospective buyers. In line with this, your marketing letters will be sent via electronic mail or e-mail. Generally, over ninety percent of emails sent will never be fully read. So, make it a point to make your letters catch the attention and interest of the reader.

A good letter needs to be clear and convincing. Have a brief but precise headline. Make it catchy and interesting. Demonstrate a need and tell your prospects about what your product can offer and what it can do to solve their problems. Discuss the possible benefits that they could get from your product.

After you have stressed the relevant points, you should include your contact information or a link to your website. Provide clear instructions so that the prospects will not be confused.

You should always keep in mind that your marketing letter will serve as your sales tool in the absence of a salesman. If you have this in your sales tool arsenal, then you will surely have better sales.


Sales Letters Free | How To Get Access

The success of your online business relies greatly on sales letters as it is your primary means to communicate with your clients. They are also great tools for marketing your products or services to the public consumers. Utilizing these letters will significantly help you improve your sales, as they compel prospective consumers to purchase your products.

Writing a sales letter is not easy and there are a lot of guidelines to follow. You may opt to hire a copywriter but getting one will be very expensive and you may not afford it. So, why not get it free instead.

The Best Solution: Make Your Own

The best way to get a sales letter free is to make one. It will be fairly easy because you have sufficient knowledge about your product or service. You know its strength and weaknesses, its purpose and who could benefit from it. All you have to do is to translate your ideas into writing. Make it as appealing and persuasive as possible.

Take Advantage Of Internet Offers

It may be unfortunate for you if you can’t write a good sales letter. Fortunately, the Internet offers a lot of available sites from which you can get a sales letter free. Be diligent enough to browse the web, then you will find that a lot of sales letters are available for you without costing you anything.

You could take advantage of sales letters that are ready to download and use for free. It won’t matter what type of online business you have because these letters are available for a wide variety of different businesses. You may then use these to improve your sales and make your business grow.

The Advantages Of Having A Sales Letter Free

One obvious advantage of free sales letters, that are available on the web, is that it saves you time. They will also lessen your frustration of trying to write a good letter out from scratch. Aside from that, these letters are provided with a way to make quick and easy changes.

Another advantage is that you are spared from having to spend extra money to hire a copywriter to make a sales letter for you.

Always keep in mind that sales letters play a significant role in the progress of your online business. Make it a point to always include one in your marketing strategy.

Use A Sales Letters Templates To Write Quickly And Easily

Sales letters are commonly the best marketing tools that an online entrepreneur like you could use to improve your sales. However, no matter how effective these letters may seem to be, they usually end up being discarded by prospective customers. You may wonder how this could happen. The answer is pretty simple – your sales letter may be following an incorrect format.

Although making a sales letter requires some writing skills, you don’t necessarily have to be the best writer to be able to write an effective one. Most are actually made from following the same template. However, you may write your own effective template:

Serves As Your Guide

A template is like a step-by-step guide. In this case, it is a guide to writing an effective sales letter. It is very useful to you, if you have poor letter writing skills. It will certainly make writing a sales letter easier for you.

Normally, letter templates provide you the correct format of sales letter writing. Follow this format so can avoid having your sales letters being disregarded by prospects.

Using a letter template could significantly save you more time and effort. Composing a sales letter on your own may consume a lot of time, though. You may initially use it to make a sales letter that you can use to effectively sell your products and services.

A Tool To Enhance Your Writing Skills

If you are a novice writer, it make take long before you can master how to make an effective sales letter. However, you may use a sales letter template to practice over and over again until you become a better writer.

Get Great Results!

If you are an online entrepreneur, an effective sales letter would most probably be your most important marketing tool. Without it, you may find it hard to improve your sales online. If you cannot effectively explain and present your product to your prospective clients, then expect that you will not generate the sales that you aim for.

However, with the use of a sales letter template, you may be properly guided on how to effectively write a good sales letter that would get results.

Keep in mind that no matter how excellent your product is; how competitive its price may seem; and how well designed your web page may be, as long as you do not have an effective sales letter, all your efforts will be futile. So, do make sure that you have one for yourself.

Sales Letter Samples To Guide You In Making An Effective Sales Letter

If you are an entrepreneur trying to establish an online business, you should consider having a sales letter. A sales letter is an important marketing strategy component that will help you grow your business. It is a must have marketing and sales tool because it is your only means of connecting with your prospects.

How To Find Sample Sales Letters

If you are having trouble figuring out how you will make a sales letter, you may consult the web and look for samples of sales letters. A lot of websites are offering free samples of sales letters which could serve as your guide in making your own letter. You may download these samples straight from the Internet without any charge.

Learn The Style From Sample Sales Letter

A sample sales letter like any other letter follows a certain format. Discussed below are the components of a sample sales letter.

The header contains your company’s logo or name, address, contact information and your current e-mail address or website. After the header, what follows is the initial address. It contains the recipient’s name, job title company, current address, the city, state and zip code. After you have filled in the required information, you may now write the salutation with the recipient’s name e.g. Dear Margie.

The first paragraph contains the headline. In this section, you must state the description of your product and its benefits to the prospective consumers.

The next paragraph would be the main body. You could further explain here the potential benefits your consumers can receive from our product. You may establish a need for your customer and then convey a powerful message that your product could provide solutions to their problems. In this section, place every vital information you need to say to your consumers.

The last paragraph should be the closing paragraph. You could express your gratitude to your consumers for sparing some time to read your letter. You could also include here your contact information and clear instructions on how to get in touch with you.

Next would be the closing salutation such as sincerely, regards etc. Then place your name, title and contact information below it. Make sure you put your signature above your printed name.

Having a sample sales letter will definitely help you in making an effective sales letter. Just be patient enough and practice more and soon enough you will be a better writer.

A Sale Letter Sample To Help You Make A Perfect Sales Letter

In order for your online business to prosper, you should employ exceptional marketing strategies. A very useful marketing strategy that you could use is a sales letter. A well written sales letter will help you increase your sales and gain more profit. It should highlight your services and products in a manner that is easy to comprehend.

Making an effective sales letter is really a difficult task to do. There are lots of things to keep in mind such as doing extensive researches and performing a lot of trials. You need to make it as perfect as possible because this is not just any other typical letter that you will send. This letter will make or break your business. That is why, it is utterly important to write it well. If you are struggling to make one, you could see several samples of sales letters as your guide.

How To Spot A Prospective Sale Letter Sample

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a good sample sales letter:

Find a sample that would easily catch your attention. You may feel that you have a connection with the sample letter because it somewhat understands what you exactly need. This is the perfect sample letter that you should follow.

Your sales letter should be an attention grabber like that sample letter. It caught your attention simply because it knows what you need. Follow that example. Get to know the needs of your target market and you will know what you will write in your letter to convince them.

There are lots of sample sales letters for different businesses available in the Internet. Look for a sample that will most likely be applicable to your product or business. It should be extremely interesting and in line with what you are promoting.

Have More Than One Good Sample

A sales letter is made not only to share product information but mainly to make sales. That is why, having a good example as a basis for making the actual sales letter is very important.

It is not imperative that you only stick to one sample. It would really help you gain more information if you have more than one sample. Feel free to check other samples on the web and see if some of them would be a good basis for your sales letter.

Sales Letters Software | Sale Letter Secrets Revealed


We’ve never met.

But we have something in common.

You have a sales letter or you’re thinking about writing one.  I’ve been selling online with sales letters since before the WWW (back on AOL).  I’ve sold millions online so I do know a thing or two about what does and doesn’t work.

Here are few steps for you to follow:

1.  Your hook is all important

I learned copywriting originally from Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples.  Most guys and gals who are old school learned it from there also.

Caples taught that your HEADLINE was the key to the ad.  It’s the ad for the ad.  But the newer thinking epitomized by Michael Masterson and my friend Jason Fladlien is that the HOOK of your ad is ALL important.

Masterson calls it the “Big Idea.”

Fladlien calls it a hook.

The thing it MUST do is hook the reader’s attention with something dramatic, compelling or intriguing.  For example, for my Sales Letters Software I once used a shocking USP, or unique selling proposition.

I said that if you wrote a letter using my software, your products would sell or I’d send a picture of me kissing the elephant’s behind.  It showed the picture of the elephant’s tail end.

Then we followed that up with a number of other riffs.  Here’s one:

That happened to be sent as an html email but we could have just as easily used it at the top of a web page.

So step one is to come up with a potent hook or angle.

Step two will come tomorrow or the next day.

Write Sales Letters | The Keys To Writing An Effective Sales Letter

Selling online products and establishing an online business is not an easy task. You may have a good product with a competitive price that appears in a well-designed web page. But if you do not have a good sales letter, you may have no sales and all your efforts will be in vain.

In order for you to sell your product or services on the Internet, you should not stick with a regular web page. Make use of a sales letter that lures online shoppers to buy your product or take advantage your services.

Writing a sales letter requires a lot of thought and attention. It is imperative that you have effective writing skills to write an effective sales letter. You will not make enough sales no matter how great your product is – if you don’t know how to advertise your product and convince your potential customers to buy them.

Here are some important tips to follow if you want to write an effective sales letter:

Know Your Purpose

You should establish a clear purpose before you decide to write a sales letter. Be sure that you know well the product or service that you are selling, added bonuses or features that comes with it, and how it could be beneficial for your customers. You must keep in mind that although you want to make sales, you also should be able to satisfy your customers.

Connect With Your Potential Customers

Even though your primary goal is to sell your product, you must also take into account how your product could be beneficial to your customers. They won’t care how brilliant your product is. What they really want to know is what they could benefit from it. They want to know how your products or services could provide solutions to their problems.

Give Emphasis On The Headline

This is the most important part of a sales letter. It must be given emphasis because it will be the first thing the reader will notice. The headline must tell it all. It must be catchy and specific. Do not exaggerate. It should not be too long because readers might lose interest.

Write Spontaneously, Briefly And Concisely

In writing the main body of the letter, make sure that you write what you think. Make it a point not to stop to correct a misspelled word or a grammatical error. You edit the mistakes after you are done with your writing. If you keep on stopping to make corrections, chances are you will lose your focus and you might get confused with your ideas.

Include in the main body the description of your product or service. Describe how it could be beneficial to your customers and how it could provide solutions to their existing problems.

You may also want to avoid putting in long sentences in your letter. As much as possible, be brief and concise. Go straight to the point. If you’d like to, you can put subheadings so that the reader could skim down and have an idea of what you are offering.

Make Use Of Testimonials

You may also include testimonials in your letter. These will serve as proofs that the product or service you are offering is effective. Also, these will encourage trust among your potential customers.

After you have finished putting in all the necessary information that your customers should know, do not forget to leave some contact information. Let your customers know how they could get to you.

Now, that you have sufficient knowledge on how to write a sales letter, you may now start writing the sales letter to your success.

Sales Letter Introduction | Things to Avoid

In sales letters, what normally compels a reader to continue reading further is the sales letter introduction. An introduction should be carefully thought of before it is written because it should have a positive impact on readers. The first few lines of your letter are what potential customers will initially see when they read the sales letter. Careful consideration should be made when writing the first part of your letter as this is critical in making a good impression to your readers. Here a few tips which may be helpful in making an effective sales letter.

Things To Avoid

Boring Headline

Remember that people who browse over the Internet mostly have limited time to spare and have short attention span. The first sentence in you letter already creates an impact. Do not put a boring statement or an over used line. Once you fail to catch their attention, they can easily erase your letter and you instantly lose a potential customer. Write creative headlines

Assertive Statement

Do not sound too pushy. Lines such as “Buy Now!” or “This Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity” will give an impression to the readers that you are merely selling another low-quality product or that your letter is a spam. Being pushy implies a negative statement. Your readers will think that your product is not good enough that’s why you are being pushy just to make a sale. True. If you have a great product, you don’t need to put so much effort to convince potential customers as the product itself is good enough.

Ignoring Your Reader’s Needs

It is a big no-no to forget about your reader’s needs, rather talk the whole time about yourself and your product. Your readers would like it better if the letter is in their favor. Discussing further about what your readers need will definitely catch their attention and lead them into curiosity, thus getting them to read further. Create the need then fill it in. This is one effective strategy to not sound like you’re trying too hard to sell.

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