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Sales Letter Samples To Guide You In Making An Effective Sales Letter

If you are an entrepreneur trying to establish an online business, you should consider having a sales letter. A sales letter is an important marketing strategy component that will help you grow your business. It is a must have marketing and sales tool because it is your only means of connecting with your prospects.

How To Find Sample Sales Letters

If you are having trouble figuring out how you will make a sales letter, you may consult the web and look for samples of sales letters. A lot of websites are offering free samples of sales letters which could serve as your guide in making your own letter. You may download these samples straight from the Internet without any charge.

Learn The Style From Sample Sales Letter

A sample sales letter like any other letter follows a certain format. Discussed below are the components of a sample sales letter.

The header contains your company’s logo or name, address, contact information and your current e-mail address or website. After the header, what follows is the initial address. It contains the recipient’s name, job title company, current address, the city, state and zip code. After you have filled in the required information, you may now write the salutation with the recipient’s name e.g. Dear Margie.

The first paragraph contains the headline. In this section, you must state the description of your product and its benefits to the prospective consumers.

The next paragraph would be the main body. You could further explain here the potential benefits your consumers can receive from our product. You may establish a need for your customer and then convey a powerful message that your product could provide solutions to their problems. In this section, place every vital information you need to say to your consumers.

The last paragraph should be the closing paragraph. You could express your gratitude to your consumers for sparing some time to read your letter. You could also include here your contact information and clear instructions on how to get in touch with you.

Next would be the closing salutation such as sincerely, regards etc. Then place your name, title and contact information below it. Make sure you put your signature above your printed name.

Having a sample sales letter will definitely help you in making an effective sales letter. Just be patient enough and practice more and soon enough you will be a better writer.

A Sale Letter Sample To Help You Make A Perfect Sales Letter

In order for your online business to prosper, you should employ exceptional marketing strategies. A very useful marketing strategy that you could use is a sales letter. A well written sales letter will help you increase your sales and gain more profit. It should highlight your services and products in a manner that is easy to comprehend.

Making an effective sales letter is really a difficult task to do. There are lots of things to keep in mind such as doing extensive researches and performing a lot of trials. You need to make it as perfect as possible because this is not just any other typical letter that you will send. This letter will make or break your business. That is why, it is utterly important to write it well. If you are struggling to make one, you could see several samples of sales letters as your guide.

How To Spot A Prospective Sale Letter Sample

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for a good sample sales letter:

Find a sample that would easily catch your attention. You may feel that you have a connection with the sample letter because it somewhat understands what you exactly need. This is the perfect sample letter that you should follow.

Your sales letter should be an attention grabber like that sample letter. It caught your attention simply because it knows what you need. Follow that example. Get to know the needs of your target market and you will know what you will write in your letter to convince them.

There are lots of sample sales letters for different businesses available in the Internet. Look for a sample that will most likely be applicable to your product or business. It should be extremely interesting and in line with what you are promoting.

Have More Than One Good Sample

A sales letter is made not only to share product information but mainly to make sales. That is why, having a good example as a basis for making the actual sales letter is very important.

It is not imperative that you only stick to one sample. It would really help you gain more information if you have more than one sample. Feel free to check other samples on the web and see if some of them would be a good basis for your sales letter.

Sales Letters Software | Sale Letter Secrets Revealed


We’ve never met.

But we have something in common.

You have a sales letter or you’re thinking about writing one.  I’ve been selling online with sales letters since before the WWW (back on AOL).  I’ve sold millions online so I do know a thing or two about what does and doesn’t work.

Here are few steps for you to follow:

1.  Your hook is all important

I learned copywriting originally from Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples.  Most guys and gals who are old school learned it from there also.

Caples taught that your HEADLINE was the key to the ad.  It’s the ad for the ad.  But the newer thinking epitomized by Michael Masterson and my friend Jason Fladlien is that the HOOK of your ad is ALL important.

Masterson calls it the “Big Idea.”

Fladlien calls it a hook.

The thing it MUST do is hook the reader’s attention with something dramatic, compelling or intriguing.  For example, for my Sales Letters Software I once used a shocking USP, or unique selling proposition.

I said that if you wrote a letter using my software, your products would sell or I’d send a picture of me kissing the elephant’s behind.  It showed the picture of the elephant’s tail end.

Then we followed that up with a number of other riffs.  Here’s one:

That happened to be sent as an html email but we could have just as easily used it at the top of a web page.

So step one is to come up with a potent hook or angle.

Step two will come tomorrow or the next day.

Customer Sales Letters | How to Get Their Attention

Do you intend on selling a particular product or service through the internet? And maybe you are uncertain of how to write an effective customer sales letter to grab the attention and interest of prospective buyers? Well this article will provide effective tips that you can utilize upon when writing customer sales letter.

A customer sales letter must include the following components. And it is important that you utilize upon these items when writing your customer sales letter because this will ensure that it gains maximum input. Following is the list of essential components that are required when writing customer sales letter.

The first component is for you to ‘develop a headline’. The aim of a headline is to grab the customer’s attention. Your headline must be powerful and can be a few sentences. Your product or services offered should be stressed within this headline. And it is recommended to test your headline first to see its return rates. You must also capitalize and quote your headline with the use of a red font colour when formatting. Such formatting steps have been proven to increase sales level for business owners.

Secondly, you must ensure that you have a ‘subheading’ which is a smaller headline usually known as a second best headline in your customer sales letter.

Additionally, you must include a salutation which is used to initiate a positive relationship with the customer. It is wise that you use a “Dear friend” salutation when addressing your customer.

The next step is for you to include an ‘Opening paragraph’ which must be straight precise and straight forward. Additionally, it should tell the reader exactly how they can benefit by purchasing your services or products. It is recommended that you start your opening paragraph with short convincing questions to prompt the reader to keep on reading.

You should also ensure credibility within your customer sales letter. And if you have made millions from your product, you should state this evident claim within your letter. Remember a customer prefers to see tangible evidence (payment total, or actual check) before actually purchasing a particular product.

You should also include worthy testimonials in your sales letter. The objective of your testimonial should be to support your credibility. Testimonials can be achieved by surveying previous customers. You can also write effective case studies relevant to your product. Within these case studies you must also write how your product has been helpful to numerous customers.

Mini-headlines must also be written below your testimonials and they should be benefit driven, concise, and simple. Additionally, you should include more testimonials in your customer sales letter as this can make your letter more powerful and convincing to the customer.

Considering the latter components when writing your customer sales letter is the key to having an effective and successful sales letter that can guarantee you customer’s interests and increase in your business sales. You must ensure that you follow these essential tips as they are necessary for the continuance and sustenance of your online business.

Want a software to do a customer sales letters for you?

Write Sales Letters | The Keys To Writing An Effective Sales Letter

Selling online products and establishing an online business is not an easy task. You may have a good product with a competitive price that appears in a well-designed web page. But if you do not have a good sales letter, you may have no sales and all your efforts will be in vain.

In order for you to sell your product or services on the Internet, you should not stick with a regular web page. Make use of a sales letter that lures online shoppers to buy your product or take advantage your services.

Writing a sales letter requires a lot of thought and attention. It is imperative that you have effective writing skills to write an effective sales letter. You will not make enough sales no matter how great your product is – if you don’t know how to advertise your product and convince your potential customers to buy them.

Here are some important tips to follow if you want to write an effective sales letter:

Know Your Purpose

You should establish a clear purpose before you decide to write a sales letter. Be sure that you know well the product or service that you are selling, added bonuses or features that comes with it, and how it could be beneficial for your customers. You must keep in mind that although you want to make sales, you also should be able to satisfy your customers.

Connect With Your Potential Customers

Even though your primary goal is to sell your product, you must also take into account how your product could be beneficial to your customers. They won’t care how brilliant your product is. What they really want to know is what they could benefit from it. They want to know how your products or services could provide solutions to their problems.

Give Emphasis On The Headline

This is the most important part of a sales letter. It must be given emphasis because it will be the first thing the reader will notice. The headline must tell it all. It must be catchy and specific. Do not exaggerate. It should not be too long because readers might lose interest.

Write Spontaneously, Briefly And Concisely

In writing the main body of the letter, make sure that you write what you think. Make it a point not to stop to correct a misspelled word or a grammatical error. You edit the mistakes after you are done with your writing. If you keep on stopping to make corrections, chances are you will lose your focus and you might get confused with your ideas.

Include in the main body the description of your product or service. Describe how it could be beneficial to your customers and how it could provide solutions to their existing problems.

You may also want to avoid putting in long sentences in your letter. As much as possible, be brief and concise. Go straight to the point. If you’d like to, you can put subheadings so that the reader could skim down and have an idea of what you are offering.

Make Use Of Testimonials

You may also include testimonials in your letter. These will serve as proofs that the product or service you are offering is effective. Also, these will encourage trust among your potential customers.

After you have finished putting in all the necessary information that your customers should know, do not forget to leave some contact information. Let your customers know how they could get to you.

Now, that you have sufficient knowledge on how to write a sales letter, you may now start writing the sales letter to your success.

Sales Letter Introduction | Things to Avoid

In sales letters, what normally compels a reader to continue reading further is the sales letter introduction. An introduction should be carefully thought of before it is written because it should have a positive impact on readers. The first few lines of your letter are what potential customers will initially see when they read the sales letter. Careful consideration should be made when writing the first part of your letter as this is critical in making a good impression to your readers. Here a few tips which may be helpful in making an effective sales letter.

Things To Avoid

Boring Headline

Remember that people who browse over the Internet mostly have limited time to spare and have short attention span. The first sentence in you letter already creates an impact. Do not put a boring statement or an over used line. Once you fail to catch their attention, they can easily erase your letter and you instantly lose a potential customer. Write creative headlines

Assertive Statement

Do not sound too pushy. Lines such as “Buy Now!” or “This Is A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity” will give an impression to the readers that you are merely selling another low-quality product or that your letter is a spam. Being pushy implies a negative statement. Your readers will think that your product is not good enough that’s why you are being pushy just to make a sale. True. If you have a great product, you don’t need to put so much effort to convince potential customers as the product itself is good enough.

Ignoring Your Reader’s Needs

It is a big no-no to forget about your reader’s needs, rather talk the whole time about yourself and your product. Your readers would like it better if the letter is in their favor. Discussing further about what your readers need will definitely catch their attention and lead them into curiosity, thus getting them to read further. Create the need then fill it in. This is one effective strategy to not sound like you’re trying too hard to sell.

Business Sales Letters: The Key To Online Business Success

Business Sales Letters: The Key To Online Business Success

One of the reasons an owner of an online business incur losses is due to poor sales letter writing. This could make or break your online business. Large amounts of money could be gained or lost depending on the strength of your sales letter writing. If you want to succeed on an online business then make sure that you make an effective business sales letter.

Typically, a sales letter is an introductory letter sent by a businessman to a prospective client. The primary goal of making one is to convince potential customers and make a sale. However, a good business letter should focus more on how the customers could benefit from the product. It should be given a lot of thought and attention. In line with these, here are some of the factors that you should consider when making a business letter.

Make An Interesting Headline

Most business letters fail because they do not pay close attention to small details such as the headline. The headline is the first thing the customer will see when he/she receives the letter. Having a catchy and convincing headline would compel the reader to browse and read further through the letter. Try to put something out of the ordinary, may it be a unique fact about your product or a famous quote. Whatever it is that you will use, make sure it will catch the interest of the reader.

Create The Need

In order to sell your product, you must convince the reader that they need your product or service. Focus more on what the customers could get out of your product or service. Lay down the benefits that they could enjoy if they take advantage of your offer. Let them know that it is in your best interest to satisfy them.

It is imperative that you also know your target market. Consider the demographics of your target market. Get to know what they need and how much they could afford. In this way, it will be easier to figure out your sales approach.

Give Only Product Details That Customers Need To Know

As mentioned earlier, focus on what benefits can your customer get from your product or service. Do not go into specific technical details like how you made the product or what materials were used.

You may also include in your business letter any offers of after sales support such as warranties, customer service support and the like. By doing this, it will convey a message to your customers that you have great faith in your product. You must always back your claims with solid facts.

Provide You Contact Info

Now that you have explained everything about your product or service and how it could benefit your customers – you might as well provide information and clear instructions on how they could buy the product or take advantage of the services offered. Provide contact information so that they’ll know how they could get in touch with you.


Sales Letter Writing | How to Write Killer Guarantees That Boost Orders

Your sales letter guarantee.

It’s really important.  I never really understood how important it was until I studied Jay Abraham’s concept of “risk reversal.”   Your guarantee is essentially the way you remove the risk of ordering for you customer.  And while there are other ways to do that, your guarantee is certainly one of the most important ones.

Here are a few tips for writing effective guarantees:

1.  Use language the makes your guarantee sound BOLD.

People read guarantees all the time.  You need to find a way to use words to make yours stand out.  Use words like “iron clad” “you can’t lose” and similar verbiage.

2.  Explain why you’re offering a crazy guarantee.

Usually, this reason boils down to how confidence you are in the offer. But if you offer a guarantee out of the ordinary, you have to explain WHY you’re willing to offer it.

3.  Offer something in addition to the guarantee.

The typical thing is to allow the customer to keep several bonuses “in the unlikely event” the customers wants their money back.

Now, one of the big issues in marketing is how long or short should a guarantee be?  And that’s a very good question.  I’ve seen some letters with short, to-the-point guarantees that did the trick.

I’ve seen others with triple guarantees that were elongated and flowery.  There is no right or wrong method. But sometimes stacking two or three guarantees together can give you an extra boost of credibility.

The big concept here is you want to take the risk away from the customer and put it on you.  You don’t want them feeling like they can lose by buying your product or service.

I’ve even used triple your money back guarantees before. These can be risky and your merchant account won’t like it.  So I’d be cautious about it.  But I have done it.

Another consideration is how long your guarantee should be.  Should it be 30 days?  60 days?  Longer?  One school of thought says the longer the guarantee, the fewer the refunds and the more the sales.  The other school of thought says that actually refunds do go up with a longer time span.

I’ve certainly had friends burned by offering 3 year or longer guarantees.  The market turned against them or something bad happened and a lot of refunds poured in.

So I’d be cautious about that.  I’ll never forget.  One of my friends offered a very long guarantee.  I think it may have been a lifetime one.  And for some reason, people got scared.  I think it was when we had a war.  Man, his refunds started flying in like a fleet of war planes.  He got products back from two and three years before.

It was crazy and cost him a lot of money.

Your merchant account is going to want you to offer a shorter guarantee like 30 or maybe 60 days.  If you offer longer than that, you need to confirm it with them.

Having said that, overall a strong guarantee normally boosts sales.


How to Write a Sales Letter

How to write a sales letter is something that often haunts people who are marketing online.

In this article, I’m going to lay out the basics of writing sales letters.

Here are the common problems in online copywriting:

1. Don’t believe long sales copy works.

While split testing can give you a definitive answer in a specific case, the whole history of direct response marketing and advertising shows conclusively this fact:

Sale letters can NEVER be too long. They can ONLY be too boring!

The reason you see people on blogs and forums saying that long sales letters don’t work is because they don’t! That’s right. THEIR long sales letters don’t work. A marketing letter that bores the reader to tears, doesn’t use proven emotional selling principles, doesn’t follow time-tested and proven methods of sale letters and doesn’t use every secret of persuasion available won’t work.

There’s a reason top copywriters get thousands of dollars to write sales and marketing letters that pull in orders: It’s just as much an art as it is a science.

Having said that, while it is a skill, it’s a learnable one.

2. Don’t hit on deep emotional benefits.

It’s one thing to state the features and benefits of an offer. It’s quite another to dig beyond the surface and hit the emotional nerve that gets the reader to react and respond. Plain vanilla copy you can get for $250 won’t do that.

And neither will the SAME copy in an online video. People mistakenly think there’s something magic about videos as opposed to sales letters. There isn’t. They’re just different media in which you implant your effective sales message.

3. Don’t cover all the features and benefits possible.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve avoided buying from a web site simply because the web site didn’t tell me what I needed to know in order to make a positive purchase decision.

Instead of being afraid your reader won’t read, be afraid of NOT telling them all they need to know in order to make a positive buying decision.

Now, the more an item is an impulse purchase, the less the copy is required to sell it. The greater the emotional involvement in the decision, the more long copy is needed to sell it.

A lot of the comparisons between videos and sales letters aren’t fair because they’re dealing with impulse purchase items.

But let’s take a product or service that involves an emotional decision. Long copy will work to sell that item because people want to get all the facts before they make a decision.

Why You Should NOT Use Either Sales Letters Or Videos Alone

The truth is that your best response will likely be obtained by using BOTH a video and a traditional long-form sales letter. That way the people who want to read can read. And the people who want to watch a video can watch a video. And people who just want to listen can listen.

You cover all the bases:

* Readers

* Visual responders

* Auditory responders

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Videos are a powerful selling tool. But combine them with long-form direct response sales letters to obtain the highest response possible.

Marlon Sanders

How to Write Your First Paragraph

Most attention in how to write sales letters info products focuses on writing headlines. But your first paragraph is very important.

Here are a few ways to begin. I’m borrowing liberally from John Caples’ classic Making Ads Pay. A lot of people don’t realize that in addition to Tested Advertising Methods he also wrote two other books: Making Ads Pay and How to Make Your Advertising Make Money. Both are awesome in classic John Caples style.

1. Continue the thought of the headline and expand on it

Whatever your main thought in the headline is, continue this in your opening paragraphs and expand on it. The headline is a promise of a result. So you open by elaborating on that result by painting a picture of it or telling a story that illustrates it. Or simply by explaining more about it.

2. The Gary Halbert If You-> Then Opening

This is one of my favorites. Gary didn’t originate it but he sure made it famous. And he always executed it so well.

Back in the day, the opening to Amazing Formula read If you’d like to sell your products by the hundreds or thousands, listen up. This might be the most important letter you’ve ever read.

Here’s why….

That’s vintage Gary Halbert style. For those of you who don’t know who Gary was, he was a legend of copywriting and a hero to many entrepreneurs, in spite of his checkered history.

3. Begin with an authoritative quote

The classic sales letter for Dale Carnegie’s timeless book How to Win Friends and Influence People began with a John D. Rockefeller quote.

John D. Rockefeller, Sr. once said: “The ability to deeal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee. And I will pay more for that ability than any other under the sun.”

That’s beginning with an authoritative quote.

4. Hit ’em With a Challenge

This works well in the Internet age of skepticism. Instead of coming across hard sell, begin with a take away right off the bat questioning whether or not the person qualifies.

Here’s a classic quote by Bruce Barton:

“About one man in ten will be appealed to by this page.. The other nine will be hard workers, ernest, ambitious in their way, but to them a coupon is a coupon; a book is a book’ a Course is a Course. The one man in ten has imagination.

And imagination rules the world.”

Wow! What a great opening.

5. Lead off with a blockbuster testimonial

This is another one that works great in the Internet age. Lead off with your best testimonial.

You just can’t provide too much proof of credibility in the Internet age.

6. Spin a story that illustrates the main benefit

That’s another classic way to begin a letter.

John Carlton does this better than just about anyone. He’s the master of leading with a story that pulls you into the letter.

Now, once you get that killer sales letter written, you need a web page for it.

How to design web pages that sell.

That’s an article I wrote over on Go Articles.