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The way you grab a reader’s attention right away is by giving a UNIQUE benefit, often with URGENCY or time limit.

Why urgency?

Because people are so busy, they may pass on reading what you have to say. But by installing a little urgency in the headline, you get them to take a minute to read the first few paragraphs, which IS the goal of the headline anyway.

Now, the only reason anyone does anything is to gain a benefit of some sort.

However, it’s far more compelling if you offer a unique benefit. Michael Porter calls that differentiation.

In the old days, Eugene Schwartz called it having a “mechanism.”

You have ONE PAGE or above the fold on a computer screen to convince people to READ MORE. That’s all you have. Most people think the headline is the most important part of the letter. And it is … BUT the lead consists of the headline and then the first 3-5 paragraphs. You MUST GRAB attention in the lead…NOT just the headline.

You do this by emphasizing unique benefits. And sometimes you throw in proof or credibility…just enough to convince people to read on. You might, for example, use a few testimonials or quote a few magazines or experts.

Your product is as good as the sales you make. Unless you make sales you don’t have a business, no matter how good your product is. Good sales people are sought after and companies are willing to spend millions on hiring and training excellent sales people simply because they have a direct impact on the company’s profitability. A good sales person is therefore unafraid of recession or the fear of being laid off.

In online marketing a sales letter is the counterpart of a direct sales person. Just as a sales person with poor selling skills will not be able to make a successful sale of the best products in great demand  at the most competitive prices, in the same way a poorly composed sales letter will not be able to convert readers into prospective customers.

It is thus imperative that you have an excellently crafted and composed sales letter for achieving your goals. Your sales letter must be absolutely convincing so that your readers are compelled to take necessary action and become potential customers and not remain mere readers.

The caption used must be attractive and compelling. You can grab your reader’s attention by appealing to their emotions, wants and desires. To do this you must understand your target audience and what their expectations are.

For instance, if you are catering to a business network they may want to know more about driving high quality, targeted traffic to their business sites. They will then plug up the traffic into a turn-key system which will do all the conversion and selling for them. In short, they are interested in knowing how to set up a business that will be profitable for them.

An example sales letter will read as follows: “REVEALED: How I Built a Million Pound Business from Home on a Budget. Step-by-Step Instructions” This contains exactly what a prospective business person will be looking for. Once you’ve got the attention you wanted devote the next few paragraphs in telling your own story. This can be easily achieved by following this procedure:

  • Take a personal approach and introduce yourself. Allow your reader to relate to you.
  • Talk about where you started and your incredible journey to reach where you are now.
  • Give all credit to your product or business opportunity for your success.

This way the reader will be able to trust you and will be ready to buy you before looking at your product. Build on the rapport you have established with the reader and highlight the benefits they will get if they bought products directly from you.

The concluding piece to the sales letter is to convince the reader to act immediately. The ultimate goal of your sales letter is to make sales so remember to tell your customer what to do after reading the advertisement. For e.g. you may include a line which says “Click to buy NOW!” or “Purchase NOW by clicking here.”

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Marlon Sanders

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Scentsy Wickless Candles - June 20, 2010

I have been struggling trying to find to right niche for my business. I really like the personal approach and building a rapport with your customers.n After reading your post, I’m more apt to buy from someone who I feel like I can relate too. Now it’s time to put your good words to work.

Velata - June 7, 2012

Finding the right words to catch and relate to your readers is vital, especially in the first sentence so you don’t lose their attention. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

Marlon Sanders - July 10, 2012

He Velata,

Yes, it isn’t just the headline.

How you lead into your letter is important because that determines if anything after that is read.



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