Business Sales Letter Sample : Winning the Hearts of Customers

One of the best methods of winning the hearts of potential customers is though a business sales letter. You may use this medium to advertise products and services to potential clients and use either a formal or friendly way of writing to them.

You may vary the style of presentation in your business sales letter depending on your product, your target audience and your kind of business promotion. It may include various promotional offers and new line of products, services or businesses.
While writing out a sample business sales letter at first make a rough draft of your message and preferably use the business letter format. Using a proper letterhead will enhance the image of your company and in case you don’t have one put in all the relevant contact information in your letter. Try and keep your draft concise and to-the-point at the same time include all important information about the product or service.

Try and follow the standard paragraph writing conventions. The subject matter and flow of the content should be logical. The first paragraph must introduce the product and the services provided in exciting terms. The second paragraph will be more explicit and talk in detail about the special offers etc of the company.

The concluding paragraph must include an action item or a suggested plan of action. You could use statements like “Bring this coupon to receive the free television” as guidelines for your clients. For your business sales letter to be really effective you must include next steps or instructions on how the client needs to proceed from there.
The business sales letter must be written carefully and appropriately using the business letter format. Your tone and style of writing could be your own and can vary from being formal to friendly and exciting. If you choose to write informally, remember to include all promotional messages like brochures, flyers and invitations with your letter.

If you choose to employ a more formal style remember to use your company’s letter-head. You can, therefore, use the appropriate stationary depending on the format you choose to adopt.

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Scentsy Wickless Candles - July 8, 2010

I always struggle with the wording and content of a business letter to my customers, so this was a big help. Another question is how often to send promotions to your customers? I try to keep my business fresh in their mind without overhwelming them too much.

Kavita - April 19, 2012

give us a draft for letter to promote our gift items


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