Sales Promotion Letter | How to Promote Your Product

You have something you want to promote, right?

It’s probably a product, but it could be a service, group, idea or organization.

You want to know what the big secret of sales promotion letters that get results is?


Absolutely, the secret is explaining the benefits to the reader of them taking the action you want.

So let’s say you’re holding a sales promotion. And you want to write a bang up letter for it. How do you do it? Try this:

1. Get yourself a pad of paper or open up a text document.

2. Pretend you’re the person you want to take the desired action.

3. Think about it through their eyes, their feelings, their skin.

How does it feel? What do things LOOK like from their point of view?

4. Now from THEIR point of view or perspective, make a list of all the BENEFITS of them taking action on your sales promotion.

5. Write those benefits up clearly into a letter.

Now you yourself a dandy little sales promotion letter that’ll get you results.

Why? Because there’s only one reason in the world anyone does anything. To get results. We can get all airy fairy metaphysical on this. Or we can debate it. But any way you slice it, at the end of the day, the person ACTS because they see a benefit in it, however distorted or twisted that may seem to us.

Sales Promotion Letter Basics

What is a sales promotion letter you ask? It is one of the most important tools of making your public aware of your product. These letters are used to tell prospective as well as already existing clients about new services or products that your business wants to introduce.

Sales letters can be sent through either electronic or the old-fashioned snail mail. E-mails are generally preferred now that almost everyone is Internet savvy.

But even if it is an e-mail sales promotion letter, make sure that your letter gives all the information required and is in an understandable, user-friendly format.
You can choose either a formal or an informal approach to writing your sales promotion letter. You can choose based on your target audience, your market and the type of promotion you are looking for. There is no one standard format for these letters, in fact just about any sort of promotional correspondence can pass off for a sales letter.
However, don’t underestimate the importance of these letters. They are very significant in creating more awareness about your company and all the promo offers you are willing to make.

These letters are sent to a particular market type for your company or an audience to make them aware of your new offers. Letters are personal and direct and therefore more effective than blog-posts or ads in the newspapers or magazines. Because of this significant effect, you must make sure your promotion letters are well-designed and accurate.
What goes into a good sales promotion letter? First, make sure it’s captivating. Don’t write predictable, forgettable clichés that your customer will yawn at. Make sure you have eye-catching headlines, intelligent description of your product and a good understanding of your target audience.
As mentioned, the headings are often the clinchers in this case. Since the first impressions are almost always the last, it is important that you make a good one with an interesting heading. It has to make your reader want to continue with the letter. Give tiny clues but not the entire summary of your promo, otherwise reading the rest of the letter will be pointless.

It should be short, precise and hard-hitting. Make sure the rest of your letter is also compact and interesting and you needn’t worry about getting a sales boost soon!

Rule #1:  You MUST have an OFFER

What is it you people get in exchange for doing what you ask?  It’s the proposition.

Rule #2:  There MUST be a WIFM or what’s in it for me

No one does anything without WIFM in it.

Rule #3:  There MUST be URGENCY

You need a DEADLINE to create urgency

Rule #4:  If possible, you need SCARCITY

We are powerfully motivated by scarcity, for better or worse.

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