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My friend Jason Fladlien has a sales letter for his affiliate program that does an amazing job of explaining the value of lifetime cookie tracking and the “triple” tracking of infusion software. This shows the POWER of explaining something in a LETTER format.

The whole KEY to writing a letter to promote an affiliate program as a MERCHANT is that you explain clearly the BENEFITS to the person you want to take an action. That’s the whole secret it a nutshell.

Now, you could be on the flipside and be an affiliate who wants to create a sales letter for an affiliate program you’re promoting. The same principle applies. There’s only ONE REASON anyone takes action and that is to get a benefit.

If you can show them how you offer a UNIQUE benefit, this is even more compelling. In the old days, Rosser Reeves called this a USP or Unique Selling Proosition. Nowadays, we use Michael Porter’s terminology and call it “differenentiation.”

And if you can PROVE the unique benefit to them, that’s even better.

As as EXAMPLE, here’s a letter a friend of mine once wrote to CONVINCE affiliates of the value of their affiliate program. Interestingly enough, the software they’re referring to is Infusionsoft and it’s the same software I use on my affiliate program here.

But in this short and brief letter, they do a fabulous job of selling the benefits.

Lance and Jason here.

Thanks for promoting
our 100% commission
products. =)

New invitation-only Lifetime
Commissions program pays
on over 30 products plus
$97/mo continuity, plus big
ticket services.

If you send 1 promo for
just 1 product, you’re
tagged for all products
until the day the merchant

We’ve never seen anything
this generous before for


Why are we sending you

Jason helped design it…
based on what he thought
would make both affiliates
and the merchant the biggest

They’ve created 176 new
$97/mo continuity
subscriptions in the
past 4 days since the
program has been open…

And hardly anyone knows
about this program yet,
much less promoting it.

Check it out:


All the best,

Lance & Jason

Tamashiro VRE, LLC
2817 W. Shady Hollow Lane
Lehi, Utah 84043

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