Sales Letter of Recommendation | How to Effectivly Sell Your Products

Are you an entrepreneur who intend on selling your product and service via the internet? Are you unsure of how to write an effective sales letter of recommendation to grab the attention and interest of prospective customers? This article will provide effective tips that you can use when writing a sales letter of recommendation.

A killer sales letter of recommendation must consist of eight (8) components. And it is critical that you use all these items when writing your sales latter because this will ensure that it has a maximum input. Following is the list of eight essential components that are required in your sales letter of recommendation.

  • Develop a headline: the aim of a headline is to grab the customer’s attention. Your headline must be powerful and can be a few sentences. Your product or services offered should be stressed within this headline. And it is recommended to test your headline first to see its return rates. You must also quote and capitalize your headline and use a red font colour when formatting it. Such formatting steps have been proven to increase sales level for online business owners.
  • Subheading: is a smaller headline usually known as a second best headline in your sales letter of recommendation.
  • Salutation: a salutation is used to initiate a welcoming and positive relationship with the reader. It is wise that you use a “Dear friend” salutation when addressing the customer.
  • Opening paragraph: the opening paragraph must be straight forward and precise. Additionally, it should tell the reader exactly how they can benefit by purchasing your services or products. It is recommended that you start your opening paragraph with short powerful questions to entice the reader to keep on reading the letter.
  • Ensure credibility: if you have made millions from your product/s, you should state this evident claim via your letter. Remember a customer prefers to see tangible evidence (payment total, or actual check) before actually purchasing a product or service.
  • Testimonials: the aim of your testimonial should be to support your credibility. Testimonials can be achieved by surveying other past customers. You can also write effective case studies relevant to your product and service. Via these case studies you must write how your product has been helpful to previous customers. If your product is new, then you can give your product away in exchange for testimonials. Avoid making up testimonials as this is poor and unethical business practice.
  • Mini-headlines: must be written below your testimonials and should be concise, simple, and benefit-driven.
  • More testimonials: can make your sales letter of recommendation more solid and the reader would be more enticed to purchase your product.

If you consider these eight pointers when writing your sales letter of recommendation then you are on the path to writing an effective and successful sales letter that can guarantee you customer’s interests to your products and services. You must also ensure that you take the time to brainstorm effective headlines that are necessary for successful sales letter of recommendation.

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