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Sales Letter Templates: For Quick and Easy-to-Create yet Effective Sales Letter

One of the most difficult and crucial tasks for your business is writing a sales letter to promote your products and services, which is why you’re probably looking online for sales letter templates. While there are a lot of copywriters out there who can write business letters for you, hiring them would normally cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, there are now sample sales letter templates online that provide a proven formula in making sales letters, hence allowing you to easily create your own.

Sample sales templates are pre-written sales letter format that are proven to work at every type of business and at almost all kinds of niches. Since such sales templates samples were written by professional copywriters, you are assured that the letter is designed to effectively entice customers to patronize your products and services.

Creating an effective sales letter can be just about following a certain formula. While sales letter template samples may vary depending on the type of business, niche and product that you have, all of which contain the same template. To be able to create a powerful and effective sales letters, here are some of the steps that you can follow.

Headline — State your big benefit, promise or attention-getting statement in the headline

Headline is one of the most important parts of a sales letter. The headline has to draw the attention of the reader. Thus, it should be catchy and can be written in different font and color. There should also be an intro headline that is designed to get the reader warmed up for the main headline. The intro headline should appear in smaller font so as not to be confused with the main headline.

Think of the headline as the “ad for the ad.”  Or, to use neurolinguistic programming terms, it’s the “pattern interrupt” that gets people’s attention.  Ad copywriters think of it as the “big promise” or statement of the “big, juicy benefit.”

You might find it easiest to think of it as “WIFM” — What’s In It For Me.

Greeting — Open the letter
Right below the headline, the greeting should prelude the body of the letter. It should start with “Dear” and then the name of your prospect customer. The greeting is important as it provides a personal touch to your letter.  Personally, I like to use “Hello” vs. Dear X.  Hello is informal and communicates well.

Story or Credibility

After the opening, you can go into a story that tells your “Heroe’s Journey Story.”  This is optional. But you’ll see it a lot in successful sales letters.

Body — State the details, benefits or crucial info
The first paragraph of the body of your letter should be utilized to introduce your product or service. In this part, you may talk about the problems of your target market and the importance of seeking a solution.

In the second paragraph, you may talk about your product and why is it the perfect solution to the customer’s problem. The third paragraph should explain the advantages of your product and service and it should emphasize on the benefits that the customer will get upon owning the product. The strong points of the products should be enlisted efficiently through bullets. This is to make the letter more reader-friendly. Long and boring paragraphs usually turn the reader off.

A common format for the body of the sales letter is problem, agitate, solve.  You state the problem, stir up the emotional pain then go into the solution.

Oftentimes, the clearest way to organize the body of your letter is with bullet points.  Sometimes you separate out the bullet points.

Bullet Points that Summarize the Value or Offer

Your bullet points allow you to summarize value, create curiosity or re-state your offer.

Testimonials or Social Proof

Testimonials should also be included in your sales letter. This would serve as the social proof that the product really works. Include the personal information of the user, his or her picture, email address, and contact information that proves that the testimonial is not just a fabricated story.  There are many forms of social proof.  For example, it’s common nowadays to simply include a screen cap or video of comments from Facebook.

Timed Response Incentive

Finally, to be able to encourage immediate action, include timed response incentives in your sales letter. This could be in the form of discount and freebies that the customer could avail for him/her self should he or she makes a purchase within a certain period of time. This enables you to get immediate responses to your letters.  In the old days, Robert Collier of Robert Collier Letterbook fame called this “the snapper.”

If you want to make a powerful and effective sales letter but you do not have the luxury of time and you do not want to spend an arm and a leg, making use of sample sales templates is definitely the best option for you.

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