Sales Proposal Letters | Tips on how to write powerful sales proposal letters

by Marlon Sanders on May 6, 2010

Sales proposal letters are communication letters designed to generate increased sales. Its main objective is to persuade and convince readers to take predetermined action which is to place an order, purchase something, request additional information, or just vote for someone or something. A powerful sales proposal letter must touch the customer heart, thereby convincing him/her to consider taking action (or being interested in the company’s products and services). An effective sales letter can be the most effective marketing tool for any online business owner, provided it is well written and well thought out. Tips on how to write powerful sales proposal letters are outlined in this article.

A good sales proposal letter must never be generalized. That is, it must make a specific offer to the customer, thereby asking him or her to take specific action on behalf towards the online business and what it has to offer. For instance, a sales letter that focuses on how great a business is, selling 150 products, may not be as powerful as a sales letter which talks about selling just say an individual GPS Gents Wrist watch. Remember by focusing on a particular single service or item, you as a business owner will be able to increase the power pack of your sales letter, thus enticing the customer to purchase your product more.

Secondly, an effective sales proposal letter should be direct, convincing, able to reach a certain audience, and must clearly indicate the step you want the customer to take towards your online business. Customers do not like to be sold, but they love to buy. So your sales letter should be focused on selling products to the customer. But in order to convince customers in purchasing your products, you must first have a powerful headline. This in turn can grab the customer’s attention in reading your sales proposal letter, as most people don’t have the time to read sales letters. But once your letter is strong enough and specifically portrays a level of confidence and professionalism towards your business, and then the customer would most likely be interested in your business products and services.

You should also write facts about your online business such as history, size, organization, senior personnel, and available contacts to answer customer questions. Additionally, you must convince the customer that you are marketing their trust. Thus you should ensure that your letter builds sufficient trust so the customer would feel safe to purchase your products etc.

When writing sales proposal letters to prospective customers, you must ensure that your letter is written with clarity and is effectively communicable. Additionally, it must be persuasive enough and written in a powerful sales language to grab the customer’s attention. You must also only promise what you can actually deliver, never include false promises as this can remove the trust that the customer has towards your company. Your sales proposal letters must be straight forward and memorable so it can leave the customer with an interest towards your business.

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